Please use the form below to reach out with
any and all questions, including any of the below ideas:

Ask us about bumper stickers and other paraphernalia.

Bring sefer Mekadshei Shemecha Hamekutzar or the English sefer to your kollel, yeshiva, camp, school, or class.
Start a chaburah, or a class and we will find a sponsor for the books or seforim. Ask us for more details.

Bring a presentation by Rabbi Shraga Freedman on Kiddush Hashem to your shul or to your school (for teachers or for students). Ask us how.

Sponsorship opportunities available for more printings, stipends for tests for kollelim, and distributions of books and materials. Please reach out for more details.

Start a committee to promote kiddush Hashem in your community- contact us for more information.

We’d love to hear from you!

Send in your stories of kiddush Hashem for future articles and publications, reach out to request tests on our sefarim, or ask about bringing the curriculum to your school.